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Frequently asked Questions  
Written by Fotomall Staff  
Monday, 12 May 2003

Q: Should I buy a digital camera?

A: If you are happy with what you have now there is no need to change.  Photos can be made digital by scanning them into your computer. 

Q: Which is better digital or film?

A: It depends on what you enjoy the most.  Digital is faster, holds more images and is less costly.  To some, film is more fulfilling and requires a different level and type of skill and is viewed to have more archival value. 

Q: How can I see the guest photos on the show and listen at the same time?

A: Click on listen, then minimize the window that opens. Go to the Guest photos button on the show page and click. 

Q:Can my freinds out of state get the radio show too? 

A: Internet Radio can be heard anywhere you are able to get on line. When last we checked, we are heard in 183 contries.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 May 2004 )

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Written by Web master  
Monday, 12 May 2003

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 May 2004 )

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