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Jack's Top Ten Tips   Print  E-mail 
Written by Fotomall Staff  
Wednesday, 19 May 2004

Jack's Top Ten Tips

Having worked with thousands of photographers at every level of photography, I have managed to pick up some pretty good tips over the years.  Some of these tips come from the top level and some from the entry level. 

We should never stop learning from each other no matter how old we get.  One thing is for sure, sharing information makes everyone a little bit better at their hobby or craft. 


Here are the Top Ten Tips I have heard over and over again.

1. Carry a camera with you everywhere you go.  You never know when you will run into that "once in a lifetime" moment.

2. Move in closer to your subject.  The best photos show the detail of the subject so get close or use a telephoto lens.

3. Keep your back to the sun. This is the most comon mistake made by beginners.

4. Bracket your shots. Having more than one shot of the same topic is easier than ever with digital technology.

5. Shoot more vertical shots.  Don't forget to turn your camera, you may wind up with a magazine cover.

6. Don't hit the delete button or throw anything away. Remember, you may not like the shot but somone else might.

7. Burn a CD or develop your film ASAP. Images don't always last so get them permanently recorded.

8. Bigger is better when printing your work. 8x10 or larger shows off the quality of the image.

9. Don't sell too cheap. If selling your images, remember where you had to travel to get the shot, or how much time it took you to setup and get the shot.

10. Price your work.  Have established prices that you can quote when asked, it's more professional.

This is the current top ten, but check back frequently and get more useful tips from the experts I talk with each week on the Show.

- Jack Warren


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