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Jim Oltersdorf   Print  E-mail 
Written by Fotomall Staff  
Friday, 28 October 2005

Today Jim Oltersdorf, a pilot and veteran of 27 years in outdoor photography, Jim Oltersdorf is turning his vision towards his very own TV series.  Featured on The Discovery Channel's "Risk Takers 2 episodes, Oltersdorf will be launching in specific geographical directions advancing investigative photography involving animal conflicts with mankind. Along with his one-hour long special on The Discovery Channel's HD Theater, Jim also makes an appearance with world-famous David Salomi from Africa on April 24, 2007 on the regular Discovery Channel network.  The show is based upon bear attacks around the nation and in Canada.  Oltersdorf takes the film crew to the death site of Ken Cates, an Alaskan resident who was attacked and killed not far from Oltersdorf's home on the Kenai Peninsula. Oltersdorf explains what his investigation reveals in the show at the actual death site. The show's title is; "Animal Conflicts, Bears".
Jim recently returned from the jungles of Costa Rica where he spent a month photographing a wide variety of venomous and deadly snakes, lizards, birds, mammals and insects.  In addition, Jim married his assistant, Lisa, on a remote beach in Matapalo.  If you remember, Jim proposed to Lisa (who also makes an appearance on Risk Takers 2 for The Discovery Channel) on our very own radio show almost two years ago this coming May 13th!  He's good to his word and now enjoys being married with Lisa up in the wilds of Alaska.
World travel is in store for the Oltersdorf with places such as Africa, Bangladesh, Komodo Island in Indonesia and a few other exotic locations for his new series.  From killer elephants to attacking wolves, Oltersdorf will be seeking the unusual and deadly creatures of the planet in an educationally-formatted examination of what really happened when humans and animals have conflicts that result in death or severe injury.  He was taken by a story of the death of a village woman where he was married in Costa Rica.  The woman was a worker at the local lumber yard and was bitten by the deadly fer-de-lance, she died soon after the snakebite.  After hearing about this terrible attack, Jim hired a local Costa Rican jungle guide and at night, penetrated the dense rainforest at night in search of these deadly snakes.  What he experienced is hair-raising to say the least!
Stay tuned for a very interesting show!

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